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Munfy Photography

My name is Jason Munford and I am the creator, principle photographer, and editor for Munfy Photography.  

Choosing a photographer can be a daunting tasks! I know how hard it is to find the right photographer that FITS YOU. Trust me it took my wife and I months to find the right photographer for our wedding! We wanted our photographer to capture all the important and not so important moments and do it in such a way that was unique, creative, and personal. We had to TRUST that they would capture one of the most important moments of our lives - with no do overs or take backs…  

I hold myself to the same standard. 

I have been behind the lens of a camera since I was nine years old!  In college I majored in psychology and when I wasn't in class, you could find me filming or photographing digital shorts, music videos, and commercials for clients. In 2003, I started Munfy Photography and specialized in photographing High School Seniors!  In 2010, Munfy Photography became recognized as one of the premier leading high school senior photographers in the nation and in 2013 Munfy became one of the top 100 leading HS Senior Photographers in the world. 

I am passionate about all forms of photography.  When I am not working with HS Seniors, I photograph custom weddings and family portraits!   I use a modern yet classical approach to capture the brightness and color of people in photograhpy. My inspiration comes from my clients and their lives.  

I do strive to create an artistic image through the use of natural settings, fashion, and postproduction editing. I will work together with you to create a custom photo shoot tailored to reflect the emotion and vision you desire!

I love to take AMAZING COLORFUL photographs! The kind that make people stop in their tracks! I want those photos to be your photos!

Munfy - was a nickname given to me while I was at bat during a baseball game my sophomore year of high school!  It stuck...